Rules & Regulations

Blind Taste Guidelines

Official Rules and Regulations 

Wilson County Fairgrounds – 2331 US 301, Wilson, NC, 27893 >/p>

Sanctioned event –  There will be prizes and trophies given out to the winners 

  1. All cooking spaces will be assigned by the Cook-off Staff. Cooking areas will be located in the front of the Fairgrounds. Upon arriving, you may enter the first gate where cooks are able to set up their equipment. ( 8am-10am) Saturday morning if you’re not remaining on the grounds on Friday. All vehicles must be out of the competition area and in the parking area after unloading everything. 
  2. A Staff Member will direct you to your site. Each team is welcome to drop off their cooking equipment and spend the night at the fairgrounds on Friday, July 21 if they desire. The gate will be locked for your safety. A staff member will be on call, so there is no restriction on how early you may show up Saturday morning to set up. Judging will start at 2 pm for competition on Saturday July 22.
  3. Cookers will be provided: 
– Cooking area  – Sample plates/ utensils  – Electrical outlets  – access to water  – Meet & Greet with Cooks 
  1. The team shall provide all other equipment and supplies. Competitors must be in place with cooking underway @8am. Everyone will start at the same time for the 1st and 2nd category.(Chicken and Ribs) Any category (Exceptions are being made for the brisket cookers due to needing extra time. Starting on Friday night) 
  2. Decorating your space with streamers, banners, flags, signs, etc. to boast about your team, sponsor(s), community or brag of your superiority in the finer arts of “outdoor cooking” is appropriate and encouraged. Decorations must be in good taste. 
  3. All contestants are requested to respect the rights of all other contestants. The Chief Cook will be responsible for the conduct of his/her team and guests.
  4. All contestants are expected to be respectful of all Judges. The Chief Cook will also be responsible for the conduct of his/her team and guests and their interaction with the judges. 
8.. Cookers will be responsible for seasoning and chopping up all the bbq after judging is over and select from the following options:  – Provide samples to anyone to promote your business.  – Sampling for the general public will take place after the judging. 
  1. Teams may sauce, spice, inject or rub your meat the way they would like for sampling. 
  2. No external heat source may be used other than the grill or wood fire barrell. Some examples might include, but are not limited to, heat guns and torches. Those using external heat sources will be disqualified. 
  3. All teams will be able to access sample score sheets, a complete set of rules and regulations and a schedule prior and during the event. 
  4. The Staff shall not be responsible or liable for the property of any team, any loss, damage or injury occurring to any team or its representatives. All property of the teams shall be under the care, custody and control of the team, whether in transit to, from or within the event. 
  5. Drip pans must be used to catch grease.. All teams are responsible for cleaning up their space. 
  6. Each gas cooker must meet safety standards such as: a. Proper regulator b. Tanks secured to prevent accidental tipping c. Other requirements as Staff deems necessary for the safety of the contestants and the general public (fans). d. All gas lines will be LP approved. e. No air hoses. f. No hose clamps on fittings. 
  7. Electricity will be provided but will be limited so back up sources can be brought, but access will require you to bring your own extension cords. 
  8. Cookers must have documentation or labels on tents saying that tents are fireproof and should also have a fire extinguisher or 5 gallon bucket of water. 
If you have any questions please contact Tiwana Powell at 252-245-6035 (cell), Dana Lucas (252-363-7871) or